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>Wood Gasification Furnaces

April 13, 2011

>EPA approved White Tag Gasifier ready to heat homes, business and more with renenwable resource! Low emission, less wood consumed, qualifies for  Federal Tax Credit. Many states require only EPA approved units. Legal in MA,ME,VT,NH, NY,PA,MD and any other state that reguires a Phase 2 unit! Order now as demand will be huge, oil/gas/steel prices are going up daily so expect future prices in units. Save now! Call 877-904-8424 to order yours today at the lowest factory direct pricing.


>Don’t loose out on $1500 tax credit on Wood Gasification Furnaces!

December 4, 2010

>You still have time to get the $1500 federal tax credit on EPA qualified Wood Gasification furnaces but you must act now!   Save money on heating and hot water, use renewable wood energy!  Home heating prices are on the rise again so be energy independent now.  Call  877 904 8424 or see to order yours today.

>Wood Gasification Furnaces~ Tax credit expires Dec. 10

October 6, 2010

>Invest in renewable energy before the federal tax credit expires!  Wood Gasification outdoor furnaces are able to heat homes, business, multiple homes and more.  Shipped factory direct for the greatest savings.
Low emissions, long burn times. less wood consumed are just some of the green benefits of the Gasification units.  Call today to order yours  877 904 8424

>Wood Doctor HE-5000 EPA Qualified phase 2

August 14, 2010


WD-HE 5000

Maine Wood Doctor is pleased to offer 2 different sizes of EPA Qualified phase 2 white tag outdoor wood gasification furnaces.  The WD-HE 5000 is in addition to the WD-He8000 model.  These energy efficient , low emission units are approved in Maine,Vermont, New Hampshire and Maryland and any other area that requires a phase 2 unit.  We ship them factory direct to save you money and can provide all necessary installation parts (advice free)
If you want more info on these clean burning units and to see a video of them running please see or call   877-904-8424.  It is time to order now as they qualify for the $1500 tax credit which expires Dec 30, 2010.  Beat the fall rush and call us today!

>Wood Doctor HE10000 Outdoor Furnace Burning

August 10, 2010


EPA Qualified phase 2 Outdoor Wood Gasification furnace~ shipped factory direct by MaineWood Doctor.  Qualifies for $1500 tax credit, (2 sizes) Dont let the tax credit run out on you.  Be energy independent now and use a renewable wood resource. Contact us at or call 877 904 8424 for more info.  Get yours ordered today, avoid fall rush.

>Wood Doctor Gasification Furnace on summer sale now

July 30, 2010

>MaineWood Doctor ships the highest quality, EPA qualified outdoor wood furnaces, factory direct. Low emissions, Less wood consumed, Long burn times. Legal in ME, Vt, NH, MD. Qualifies for $1500 tax credit (existing residences) Made with heavy 1/4 inch boiler plate for long life. please see or call 877 904 8424 to reserve yours now.

>Outdoor wood furnaces~ Clean burning units are available

June 26, 2010

>Do you know the saying “A few bad apples …….” ? Certainly applies to some outdoor wood furnaces and some people who use them.    The EPA Qualified units are very clean burning but I have personally witnessed one where it was smoking due to be filled with plastic and cardboard!  All outdoor wood furnaces are designed to burn wood, period!  None of the units are idiot proof and people will be people so some burn things in them that they are not designed to burn.

In New York, new proposed regulations are being decided, please read  As a distributor of 3 different brands of outdoor wood furnaces, I personally feel there is a place for them, using renewable energy but it is not in the middle of a city, no more than a pig farm would be allowed there.  We believe that our units are some of the finest ones built, shipped factory direct and will help thousands of people be energy independent . 
If you would like to know more about wood heat, EPA qualfied wood gasification furnaces or traditional outdoor wood furnaces please contact us at 877 904 8424.   We do expect with the situation in the Gulf that prices of oil will go up and people will want to free of dependency on other countries for our heating needs.

>Wood Gasification Furnaces – Clean burning heat/hot water

June 15, 2010

>EPA qualfied wood gasification furnaces are the Green way to heat your home.   Free yourself of dependency on oil and rising heating costs by being energy independent. Easy connections to existing heating systems or in new construction design. Green homes are using wood heat as it is renewable, non toxic resource.Newer stoves pollute much less than older stoves. EPA regulations established on July 1, 1988, required stoves to meet stricter limits on particulate emissions. On July 1, 1990, newer Phase II regulations — which require stoves with catalytic converters to emit less than 4.1 grams of particulate matter per hour and stoves without catalytic converters to emit no more than 7.5 grams per hour — took effect. You can get up to a $1500 Federal Tax Credit on clean burning units.   Order now, avoid fall delays and install over the summer.  We ship factory direct , no double shipping/additional costs.   All parts needed for installation available and also shipped factory direct.  call   877 -904-8424  for more info.

>EPA qualfied Wood Gasification furnace video

May 7, 2010


EPA Qualified Wood Gasification Furnace.Wood Doctor HE10000 Order now for spring sales.  or call 207 567 7076.  Qualfies for $1500 Federal Tax credit

>Wood Gasification outdoor furnace

April 16, 2010

>See the EPA qualified Wood Gasification OWHH at   Wood Doctor HE series, phase 2 . Legal in ME,MA, VT, NH and MD and all other states that do not have requirements.   Spring sale prices still on but steel is expected to rise by 1/3 and oil prices going up so place order now to lock in price. Shipped factory direct to save you even more. Barrett Enterprises Inc, at    Use a renewable energy resource that will save you money/energy for years to come.  toll free 877 904 8424